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Renewing your medical card is simple.

Complete the following steps to renew your medical cannabis certification from Herbal Advantage PA.

Complete the intake form

Step 1

You must be re-certified by an approved physician.

Please complete the renewal intake form.

Herbal Advantage

Pay for the consultation

Step 2

Once we receive your intake form and payment, you will be contacted for your consultation.

These visits are currently being completed via telemedicine.

Talking on phones

Step 3

At any point, you can log back in to your PA DOH account.

You can navigate to the page that says "Make a Payment" and submit the $50 registration renewal fee.

Return to PA DOH Website


Wait for your card

Step 4

Once your information is submitted to the Department of Health, your new card will arrive in the mail.​

This typically takes 7-10 business days.

Image by Joel Moysuh

Visit the Dispensary

Step 5

You will visit any PA dispensary of your choice to purchase your medical cannabis.

The pharmacist will help you choose the best options to treat your condition.

Image by Damian Barczak
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